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Day Tour: Modern Masters

The Contemporary Master’s art tour takes participants on a tour of ground-breaking exhibitions and into the private world and life of internationally renowned contemporary Cuban artists.

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Day Tour : Old Masters

You will be accompanied by one of Cubartours art specialists. The tour will begin with a two-hour guided visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts and continue onto the studios and houses of famous living Old Master artists.

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Day Tour : Young Masters

Be sure not to miss out on a chance to truly submerge yourself into the young Cuban contemporary art scene. It won’t be long before these artists will be on sale in the big auction houses, acquaint yourself with them now!

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Day Tour: Cuban Art Through the Ages

Cuban Art Through the Ages takes participants through the past seven decades of Cuban art, visiting art collections housing Cuban art from the 19th century onwards, and artist studios.

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3 Days- 3 Generations

Cubartour’s 3 Day- 3 Generations Tour covers the three contemporary stand out ages of Cuban art that are held at the heart of Cubartours, the generation of the 60s and 70s, 80s and 90s, and the millennials.

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Cubaism One Week Tour: Professional Tour

The trip provides participants with the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet artists and other influential figures in the Cuban art world. The professional tours include a host of special and exclusive events. Hotel accommodation is included.

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Half Day: Beginners

This tour aims to introduce people to the Cuban art scene. It will consist of gallery tours and a visit to La Mina to see the works of established Cuban artists up close and personally.

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 CONCEPTIUM SALIARA- APPALOOSA.Solo Show of Glauber Ballestero.

CONCEPTIUM SALIARA- APPALOOSA.Solo Show of Glauber Ballestero.

Monday April 24, 2017

CONCEPTIUM SALIARA- APPALOOSA Solo Show of Glauber Ballestero. Inauguration, Friday, April 21. 6:00 p.m. Villa Manuela Art Gallery

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¨Desarraigo¨´- Gabriel Sánchez Toledo - Center of the Development of Visual Arts

From April 20 to May 21at CDAV, personal exhibition of Gabriel Sánchez Toledo: "Desarraigo". His paintings and canvas are ways of scape, of protests. Large canvases are displayed around different spaces where are combined unique landscapes.

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visual arts events

Art Gallery of the -Poco Bonito- Project-2
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Poco Bonito Cuban Art Project

Poco Bonito gallery is a place where flow in harmony diverse artistic expressions as photography, painting and sculpture. Pieces there explore social content themes from current Cuban reality. More than a gallery, Poco Bonito is a project in which artists see art as an attitude towards life; and through the creation, they channel their experiences, concerns and projections for the current reality. Many of the pieces appeal to the combination of formats and materials near or less the world of art. In that sense, the visual result is a reflection of that formal experimentation and self- mixture of Cuban society. Sundays just until midday. Loliett M. Delachaux More events on:
A Cuba What's On Generic Illustration for Visual Arts
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Tony Cragg's Unprecedent Exhibit In Old Havana

From April 7th to June 12th, the Universal Art Building welcomes the work by British artist Tony Cragg, “who has established a new turn in international sculpture,” according to the specialized critics. With the title “Sculptures and Drawings”, the Temporary Exhibition Hall in this museum in the capital organizes a total of 16 drawings and 30 sculptures among the most admirable ones in his career, all pieces of great aesthetic value that take possession of natural materials such as wood, cork and stone. More than 250 solo exhibitions in a dozen countries (Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium) turn Tony Cragg into a true crack artist of postmodern art, who guarantees to include in this island’s exhibition artworks that have never been displayed before. Admission free for Cubans and foreigners. Text by: Dayneris Brito Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez More events on:
Maroya Art Gallery-3
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A Space for Cuban Art

Cienfuegos has been preserved as one of the architectural jewels of Cuba. The multiplicity of architectural styles that proliferate in their facades is echo of the diversity and cultural richness of this region. Examples of this eclecticism, architectural and artistic, are visible in spaces where craft practices and modern expressions of art converge. The Maroya Gallery, located at # 2506 Ave. 54, in front of Martí Park, is an excellent example of this cultural dynamic. The building where is it, was built in 1891 by Galo Díaz de Tuesta y de la Hoya, acquiring since then dissimilar functions, until 1993, when it becomes a space for arts. Its name means “moon” and constitutes an appropriation of native language. Currently, the Maroya Gallery is a place for the promotion and marketing of the work of Cuban artists and craftsmen. The gallery exhibits some textiles, ceramics and other objects from the island’s rich craft tradition. It is also a place where permanently displayed reproductions of the most important Cuban painters and engravers. Sometimes, the gallery receives excellent temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists. The Maroya gallery is a real space to enjoy the Cuban culture. Sundays just until midday. Loliett M. Delachaux More events on:
Arkos Gallery at Sancti Spiritus City-9
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Art Sales

Arkos Gallery is a small place in Sancti Spíritus where you can find and buy art in many of its styles. Erotic, abstract and traditional paintings, jars, vases and all kind of ceramic items, small but classy sculptures looking like the ones in the Ancient Greece or Rome, wooden handicrafts nicely decorated and even jewelry, like necklaces and rings with a very elegant and modern style…, all that may be found in this artcraft gallery. More events on:
Pedro Pablo Oliva Studio in Pinar del Rio city
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Pedro Pablo Oliva's Studio

Pinar del Río is the birthplace of one of the greatest exponents of the Cuban painting. The work of Pedro Pablo Oliva, neoexpressionist by nature, is characterized by a mastery of color, a great chromatic diversity and his mostly socio-political themes. Loyal to his hometown, Oliva has developed almost all his work in Pinar del Río, and promoted the cultural development of the younger generations. In 1998, he founded the House-Workshop Pedro Pablo Oliva, in Calle Martí No. 160, in order to promote art, literature and culture in his native province; reason why he has received numerous awards from several institutions in Cuba. Currently this house is used as his workshop and centre of his creations. Under the motto: “Strictly forbidden to stop dreaming”, the Oliva’s studio welcomes visitors by appointment. You will enjoy works even unexposed in museum or galleries, loaded with a strong socio-political sense that evade the government's vision. With some luck, visitors can see Oliva in the creative process, sitting in front of the easel with a half-finished work, as long as the shy genius does not take refuge in his comfort zone, in the drawing room. Karla Padrón Nardiz More events on:
Fuster Home Estudio-44
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Welcome to Fusterlandia

A whole neighborhood made with art and imagination turns a considerable area of the coastal town of Jaimanitas into the open warehouse of the Cuban engraver, ceramicist, draftsman and painter José A. Rodríguez Fuster. Fusterlandia has prepared for the national and foreign public more than 80 houses decorated in their gardens and exteriors with picturesque tiles and monumental sculptures, a creative image that has distinguished 226 Street for more than two decades. “It is one of the most singular attractions the visual arts offer in Havana today”, the artist would say about his own project, which combines creations that won’t allow themselves to go unnoticed to visitors: the Rooster’s Tower, the Cubans’ Table, and Fuster’s Door among them. Inspired by the greatest and most influential artists of the plastic arts in the 20th century such as Pablo Picasso from Malaga, the architect Antoni Gaudí and Constantin Brancusi, Fusterlandia revitalizes the very same concept of art in order to take it to undreamed-of limits and to invite the spectator to live that with him, to feel part of the creative process. The art engineer José Fuster, decorated with the Acknowledgement “Gitana Tropical” in 2005 and the Award for the Work of a Lifetime given by the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets at FIART in 2008, confesses he is still developing his communitarian project with the future idea of creating a children’s gallery. Visit Fusterlandia and take with you the experience of seeing one of the most original places in modern Havana. You will also have the pleasure of meeting the creator of this fascinating project personally. Every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Calle 226, esquina Av. 3ª Text by: Dayneris Brito Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez More events on:
Umbral Art Gallery & Studio in Cienfuegos city-4
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Umbral Art Gallery

Just in the surrounding area of the centric Parque Martí, there stands the work by the visual artist Irving Torres Barroso, which is brought together at a place you cannot miss when you go through the city of Cienfuegos. From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and for a great many spectators, Umbral Art Gallery displays traditional painting along with installations and performances that keep as subject the reflections of men regarding their role in the world. For his sculptures and installations, Barroso himself acknowledges working with everything he finds, from objects taken out of daily life to musical instruments. Such is the case of the pieces Soy mi voz (I am my voice) and Donde está la música (Where the music is), both made in honor of master Benny Moré. Undreamed-of are the pillars that complete the creative process of this self-taught artist: a collage with newspapers, bills and national twenty-cent coins that he later takes to the canvas with enamel paint for automobiles through mixed techniques. With more than 13 solo exhibitions and 50 collective works, in his wide repertoire there stand out the exhibition Craft City in 2008 and Los de atrás vienen conmigo (The ones behind me are with me) during the 12th Havana Biennial, without forgetting the exhibition Dreams, which was chosen to start this year 2017. A work that just by looking at it arouses a unique sensitivity for its universe of colors. The artist says: “yellow is light, red is the passion I paint with, and blue is the color I identify feelings with”. Ave No.2513 e/ 25 y 27 (Parque José Martí) Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Text by: Dayneris Brito Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez More events on:
Riera Studio-3
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Riera Studio: Betting on a Different Art

Unique in promoting alternative visual arts, Riera Studio is increasing in prestige and experience as one of the few galleries located in the neighborhood of Cerro, one of Havana’s fifteen municipalities. In contrast to other galleries in the city, Riera Studio hosts peripheral and underground art produced by creators who are social misfits or mentally challenged or who have Down’s syndrome. Hence the works on display are mainly Art Brut, Mental and Outsider Art. Founded in 2011, Riera Studio possesses all the necessary conditions: spacious exhibition halls, storage of works, offices, an information center and a workshop for artists who lack spaces or materials with which to work. The gallery also hosts the Art Brut Cuba Project as the only initiative that drives this trend on the island. Artist Samuel Riera, who is currently a teacher at the San Alejandro Fine Arts School, wanted to distance himself from the academy and traditional artistic methodology and give priority to instinct and creative spontaneity. Towards this end, he selected for his home-gallery over 50 artists among whom stand out Misleydis Castillo, Carlos García Huergos, Luis Eusebio Coto and Damián Valdés Dilla. Embracing the term Art Brut, created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to refer to the inspiration of the insane and psychologically ill, Riera believes that “the permanently excluded make us remember what we don’t want to, what we were before reaching this moment, a social reality that works as a mirror.” Housing Cuba’s first collection of Art Brut, Riera Studio sees recycled and painted cardboard, newspaper pages and old vinyl records as symbols of a hidden personal sensitivity. This is the capacity that art has that is born out of everyday life. Address: Marta Abreu Street, No. 202, between 20 de Mayo and Enrique Villuendas, Ayestaran Cerro. Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Dayneris Brito More events on:
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Villanueva Studio: The Unmistakable Aesthetics of Ernesto Villanueva

With a peculiar glass design on its facade that attracts every single spectator, Villanueva Studio appears among the most attractive places on Obispo Street as regards arts. Open every day, it is the place par excellence for visualizing, promoting and selling artworks by the artist Ernesto Villanueva Morera, a perfect exponent of the new expressionist thinking of the last decades of Cuban plastic arts. On your way along this artistic heart of the city of Havana, you can find mostly canvases of large dimensions where the bright colors, strong priming and vegetable motifs warn about the very meaning of his painting. A creative display towards events like the International Art Fair of Toronto, the ARCO Fair of Madrid, Havana’s Biennials and exhibitions in France, Luxembourg, Korea and Costa Rica, reveals the professional dimension of an artist like Villanueva himself. A unique and truly considerable proposal for the advocates of Cuban contemporary art that will live up to their expectations on the subject. Every day 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Address: Calle Aguacate 254, Esq. Obispo, Habana Vieja. Text by: Dayneris Brito Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez More events on:
Vladimir Art Gallery & Studio in Cienfuegos city
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Vladimir Art Gallery

The visual artist Vladimir Rodríguez’ place opens its doors daily in the city of Cienfuegos as one of the most recent and polemic centers, a place that exhibits and commercializes the artworks of their creator. Through the drawing technique, this young man from Matanzas uses pictorial symbols that reflect the situations of the Cuban essence; events of the contemporary national history, the existing exodus of thousands of citizens and the living conditions our country faces. As the Spanish art critic Goyo Vigil said: “his aesthetics is his life’s course, his conformation and articulation display almost everything, to feign an eternal rest is what is transferred in order to keep on building his physiognomy of the future.” Director of the Asociación Hermanos Saiz (AHS) in Cienfuegos for three years and a member of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UNEAC), Vladimir García has made more than 30 solo exhibitions and nearly 40 collective works in and out of Cuba. Ave 56 e/ 25 y 27 Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sundays from 9.00 a.m. to 12:00 m. More events on:
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Kcho Studio Romerillo

Kcho Estudio Romerillo is a nonprofit project that, under the leadership of the Cuban artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho), staunchly defends the idea that art can change life. The studio is a popular destination especially for young visitors and members of the community due to the activities they usually programmed in their video room, art gallery and theater, and the free internet access they provide. Other attractions are the sample of Wifredo Lam´s original engravings, the interesting reading material that holds the library, and the cafeteria options. The idea of making art accessible to everyone transcends the boundaries of the study and has been extended, since last XII Bienal de La Habana, to the states of the community resulting in what we known as Museo Orgánico de Romerillo (MOR) and has spread art in the most unexpected places. As you get close to the studio you can notice that walls, markets, bus stops, parks ... are bearers for artistic works, but not with the undercurrent of social political criticism as the work of famed street artist Banksy. The only purpose is to inject vitality into a culturally depressed and deteriorated environment with humor, beauty and poetry. A large group of artists of different nationalities, away from any kind of monetary, political, ideological, or religious interests have collaborated in this project. Kcho, himself, who has received the UNESCO Prize for Promotion of the Arts, has made accessible to everyone his own collection of Cuban art and part of his work. Do not miss visiting Kcho Estudio Romerillo and witness the transformations that occur around it. Beatriz Junco More events on:
Ana Gladys Open Studio-3
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Ana Gladys Falcón Studio: A Woman Born for Contemporary Art

Ana Gladys paints brilliantly colored canvasses full of sensuality and expressionist beauty with a unique use of cubism. In a prolific career her art is one-of-a-kind and in her most recent series unusual in Cuban art through unusual incongruities in her inventive use of instruments in the paintings resulting in a joyful mix of contrasts. Apparent influences are the Sosabravo's strident shades and the thick lines typical of Amelia Peláez. During the 1980's she studied at the Cuban National Arte School, alumni with great artists, Nelson Domínguez, Ernesto García Peña, Eduardo Roca Salazar (Choco) and Ángel Ramírez. Her works are in collections around the world notably in private U.S. collections (Miami, California and New York), Spain, Portugal, Italy, Singapore, Chile, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Her studio in Vedado is open to the public daily from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and can be purchased on eBay at cubanartbeat.com. Visit the studio during your visit to Havana. Avenida Zapata #1912 entre 14 y 16 Dayneris Brito More events on:
The Reynos Bazar at Santa Clara city-10
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Reyno's Bazar: A Place for Arts

Craft items, very close to an artistic conception, are all over Reyno’s Bazar, a place in Santa Clara where you’ll find all kind of adornments for making your house or office an elegant art gallery. Located on Calle Céspedes, between Plácido and Maceo, this place houses an exquisite sample of décor items, carefully made with different materials, such as wood, glass, pottery, metals, and others. “Art is our DNA”, the slogan suggests. Reyno’s Bazar is the result of a family tradition, which, for more than ten years, has dedicated itself to the artcrafts. For generations, these artists-artisans from Villa Clara have made real beauties by combining different styles, but always aiming to show their very personal identity. In this small but cozy place, which opens from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 4:30, there are options for everybody: classic lamps, modern flower vases, minimalistic pieces, like vivid-colour pottery spheres, not to mention wooden pieces, paintings and others. Clients have here the possibility of personalizing everything they want to buy; they can choose colour, shape and even ask for one with very personal requirements. Reyno’s Bazar is a unique opportunity for taking with you a beautiful memory that has, as guarantee, a very good taste. Original text by Yariel Valdés González Translation by Javier Roque More events on:
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33:08 Contemporary Art Garage

In a quiet neighborhood in Playa contemporary art has come alive with high caliber youthful art. Maykel Sotomayor (Eddy) top bills this trio placing large fauvista paintings on the walls of this hip new gallery. Erotic depictions within landscapes is the general theme. The name 33:08 is also the address on 33rd Street near Miramar's Casa de la Musica. Important Cuban art critic Elvia Rosa Castro was on hand among other notables of the Cuban art world for the grand opening. This gallery is not the usual by any means. With experience with previous galleries, Maykel has put together a pleasing backdrop, conveniently located near 31st Avenue and still out of the hustle of Havana vieja and a worthwhile trek for lovers of contemporary Cuban art. Mix your visit to Casa de la Musica Miramar with an afternoon visit to 33:08, the only part missing is yours! Calle 36 #3308 between 35 and 33 Municipality Playa Dayneris Brito More events on:
Roque's Art Studio in Matanzas city-2
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Sergio Roque Studio Workshop: Art from Close

Sculptures, paintings, drawings, engravings and ceramics of mainly figurative subjects are exhibited in Sergio Roque's workshop gallery. Roque, winner of the Provincial Prize for Painting and the National Prize for Restoration welcomes all art lovers to enjoy his selections. In recent years the artist has mounted five expositions including the work of emerging artists as they create amazing pieces within the gallery workshop. Born in Nuevitas, Matanzas in 1954, Roque Ruano developed both as an artist and a theoretician and taught at The Matanzas Academy of Arts. He attained national prestige for his work on the Pharmaceutical Museum in the City of the Bridges which won him the national prize. Known especially for his work in ceramics, the artist worked also as the main ceramic specialist at the Varadero workshop. See the work of this multifaceted promoter of emerging national contemporary artists in Old Havana. Calle Contreras between Ayuntamiento y Santa Teresa. Inquire with local people who will guide you to the workshop gallery. Seven days a week. 9:00am 5:00pm Dayneris Brito More events on:
Collage Habana Art Gallery-11
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Collage Habana Gallery: A Place for Arts in the Boulevard de San Rafael

Roberto Fabelo, Manuel Mendive, Nelson Domínguez are all here in traditional contemporary style bolstered by video installations, performance art and polemic drawing and paintings from excellent emerging artists. The salons also exhibit works from the peculiar group 'The Merger', M. Rancaño and the main feminine exponents: Mabel Poblet and Cirenaica Moreira. From the youngest creators to the greatest living Cuban artists, the Havana Collage Gallery commercializes the panorama of Cuban art and provides a great sample of available art. During the historic Bi-Annual art exposition in Havana the gallery presented their catalogues leaving a massive sample for public consumption. With their mix of traditional and new art, Collage Havana brings out the most interesting and peerless giving you an incomparible art experience. Gallery Collage Havana - the place for art on Boulevard of San Rafael next to Parke Central. Near the Hotel Inglaterra and the National Theatre, this gallery often provides A art specialists and also you may browse a wide-ranging catalogue of Cuban art. Boulevard St. Raphael between Consulate and Industry Monday to Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm Saturdays 10:00am to 2:00pm Dayneris Brito More events on:
Pedro Esquerré Art Gallery in Matanzas city-3
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Pedro Esquerré Art Gallery: Where the Best of Cuban Art Merges

One of the most visited places in Cuba is Pedro Esquerré Art Gallery located on Plaza de la Vigía, in the city of Matanzas. This cultural center stands out for its diversity and the high quality of its presentations. In addition to the usual visual arts exhibitions, there are jazz circles, creation workshops and open-air drawing lessons held every month. Last February 17th, a solo exhibition by Canadian artist Helen Vokaty was opened, which can be appreciated until March 11th. The creation workshops take place every third Thursday of every month at 2:00 pm. Address: Calle Magdalena e/ Medio y Río, Plaza de la Vigía, Matanzas, Cuba. Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and Sunday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm © Aracelys Bedevia Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez More events on:
La Paulet Art Gallery in Trinidad-2
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Art Gallery La Paulette

Trinidad is not just about old architecture, paving stone streets and the beach, it is also about contemporary art. La Paulette can testify to that, an art gallery headed by the plastic arts artist José Armando Lumpuy Alfonso. Its location, on Simón Bolívar Street, by the Museum of History and in front of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets, reasserts the link between this promotional center and the community; it also passes on exhibitions, lectures and courses to both neighboring institutions, thus allowing spiritual enrichment. Its wide spaces make the contemplation of portraits –among them the one belonging to the world famous Cuban musician Compay Segundo-, landscapes, abstractions and engravings more pleasant; all artworks have been made by numerous creators who choose La Paulette, not so much because of its strategic location but because of the professionalism of its specialists to commercialize. Lumpuy, born in 1958 and a Scenographic Design graduate, belongs to the Cuban Association of Artisans and Artists. In the 80s he had an outstanding participation in the production of posters allegorical to Santiago Espirituano, a festivity of remote religious lineage. His artworks swell private collections in the United States, Latin America and Europe. The gallery owns its name to María Teresa Paulette Cagigas, former owner of the house, a pious lady who loved art and had illustrious guests, among them the well-known Cuban painter Amelia Peláez. Address: Simón Bolívar (Desengaño) No. 411 e/ Francisco Gómez Toro (Callejón de Peña) y Gustavo Izquierdo (Gloria), Trinidad. Text by: Arturo Delgado Pruna Translation: Beatriz Rodríguez More events on:
La Marca 2
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Tattoo Parlour with Neighborhood Feel

If you want to get a permanent Cuban souvenir but are too shy to marry a Cuban - why not a tattoo? Or just drop in to mix with the Cubans on the gallery level of the three level building which also serves the neighborhood as a meeting place for community initiatives. The stigma of tattoos is gone. Now you, too, can join in the brother or sisterhood of the tat along with gang members, convicts, bikers, sailors, pirates, Mauris and tribes people of all continents. Tattoos in Cuba are now as common as the cold. Stick on and sprayed on skin art offered at beaches are for the meek. Nothing can match a fresh and bloody tattoo from a master tattoo artist like Leo Canosa. Leo brings in other Tattoo artists as well, masters in graphic design as Andy Paneque who are not shy to stitch you up to your liking. The parlour seems tame enough at the gallery level like a bawdy parlour lounge, a publicly presentable area with samples of designs where people hang out discussing perhaps something dark or foreboding or simple organizing a community party. The client or a curious visitor can look at the catalogue, filled with more amazing Cuban art. Once a suitable demonic design has been chosen, the suffering damned is led upstairs for the evisceration. Surely, something dark inside of you will be stirred as you are strapped into the chair for the ceremony. Your screams will sound like joyful adulations as they are filtered through computer generated regatton inviting more budding devilettes from the hot road to hell outside. All of this is performed in hygienic conditions. There is also a third level but no one has yet returned to describe it :) If you really love Cuban art why not bite the bullet and let the needle do the talking? Address: Obrapía St. # 108 btw. Mercaderes & Oficios. Nigel Hunt More events on:
K-51 Art Gallery-2
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K-51: Fresh Art in Vedado

Named after Soviet submarines, this studio was inaugurated with association with the Alliance Francais and the Embassy of the United States with three exhibits. Original idea of Javier Alonso and Jorge Luis Aguilar, K 51 converges contemporary art paintings, sculpture and video installations. In a short time personal the gallery hosted art critics Toni Piñera y Alfredo Sarabia to observe the results. "The Face of Cuba" a photo exhibition by Claudia Corrales followed by "20 Seconds of Sun" by the young Serlián Barreto, a series of expressionist pieces revealing solitude and violence via the tragic treatment of animals living things and objects. Graduates of the Superior Academy, San Alejandro Institute of Art provides dissimilar artists, selected by the gallery to give voice to young Cuban artists. Each exposition seems to followed by another even better. New art arrives with a new unfettered art interpretation. Calle K between Calzada and 5ta Building 51 Dayneris Brito. More events on:
Villamanuela Gallery
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Gallery Villa Manuela: Exclusive Contemporary Art at UNEAC

Fine eclectic art from Cirenaica Moreira, Eduardo Abela, Roberto Diago, Reynerio Tamayo and Jorge Otero shines in this somewhat notorious art house known for polemic works from contemporary Cuban artists. Personal and collective expositions of engraving, installations, painting and photography, many of them milestones in the history of Cuban contemporary arts have opened here. Traditions Out of Focus from the workshops of Lázaro Saavedra and Duvier del Dago are one example of mind-blowing avant garde Cuban art premiered here. This ample space, a bookstore, framing shop and library were all thoughtfully modified by art specialist José A. Choy with UNEAC (The Union of Artists and Writers) in 2004 to provide multiple services for the artist. Villa Manuela invites you to meet and converse with artists and aficianados. Enjoy one or many of the exhibitions mounted every year. From Monday to Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm alle H No 406 entre 17 y 19, Vedado Dayneris Brito. More events on:
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Galería Havana: Over 50 Years of Prestige

Wifredo Lam, Amelia Peláez and Rene Portocarrero's work have all been promoted in Gallery Havana's long history. Nowadays, performance and video art have been added to their shows including others of the gallery's selection of the best in sculpture and painting. The well-known Carlos Garaicoa, Roberto Diago, Adonis Flores, the artistic group, Carpenters and photographers René Pena and Jorge Otero just to mention a few of the artists have been shown recently. The first official gallery opened in 1962 after the triumf of the Cuban Revolution. Among it's historic exhibitions, "No Somos Animales" by Roberto Fabelo and "Un Ruido Azul" (a blue noise) by the young Glenda León en 2010 are notable. This is an excellent place to delight in thought provoking poetry for the soul. 10:00 am TO 5:00pm Monday through Friday Linea 460 between E and F Vedado, Havana Dayneris Brito More events on:
Comercial Gallery at Bayamo City
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Art Exhibitions and Sales

Located on the General García Promenade, the Commercial Gallery is a small but nice place that hosts art exhibitions by local artists. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics... it doesn't matter if classic or contemporary, all of them are present in this venue's goal. Besides the exhibitions, there are also art sales, so you can go and buy an art piece if you really like it. More events on:
La Casita del Barro Craft Store at Trinidad city-3.JPG
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The Tradition of the Pottery Masters

The visitor who comes to Trinidad has no way to get lost if he/she is looking for the great masters of clay. In the city where everyone seems to know where the best studios are located, there's almost no risk of taking the wrong way. It is no secret that Trinidad has a rich history on ceramics. This tradition dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when a workshop was founded by Don Secundino Santander, whose skills have been passed down to successive generations, until our days. They know very well how to mold the clay and turn it into an artistic piece. Yes, because what it used to be at first a profession for providing bricks and lime to the village, soon started to go beyond and vary their production to vases, jars, pots, jugs, water filters ..., surpassing the utilitarian purpose in order to reach a high artistic and decorative content. La Casita del Barro is one of those workshops that emerged from the ancient tradition, a place of good taste and simplicity, with quality products at reasonable prices. In there, mostly molded by Neidis Santander's hands, we can find ceramic relief murals worked, dishes with Pre-Columbian decorations, reproductions of Trinidad's facades and streets, and unique pieces made in various formats that combine ancient techniques and the most modern ones with a particular brand. B. Junco More events on:
Espacio 34 Art Gallery at Varadero, Matanzas
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Espacio 34 Gallery

Espacio 34 Gallery is member of the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales and reopens its doors after being remodeled three years ago. In there, it is shown and marketed representative works of contemporary Cuban artists who live in different regions of the country and cultivate the most diverse art forms. Alicia Leal, Ernesto García Peña, Frómeta Gilberto Fernández, Juan Moreira Bencomo, Lesbia Vent Dumois and Manuel Lopez Oliva have shown their work there.The place is suitable for the realization of Expo sellings and recently became fitting for the twentieth edition of the Landscape Salon Leopoldo Romañach. Painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics and silverwork are some of the elements that you will find if you go through the three exhibition halls. From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm. Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 12:00. More events on:
ACAA Headquarters in Matanzas city-2
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ACAA Headquarters in Matanzas city

The talent of the creators in Matanzas has house in the Provincial Headquarter of the Asociación Cubana de Artesanos Artistas. In there the visitor has a permanent invitation to discover serigraphs, colorful necklaces, bracelets, rings, textiles, paintings, ceramics and countless articles very attractive and carefully bill. After a restoration that ended in 2005, the building opened its doors to the public and has been gradually gaining a preferential space in the cultural life of the city, not only by the charm of the its windows, railings, furniture and ceramic murals carefully combined but also because it has become traditional site of feeling, humor, literature nights and other cultural programs that add healthy and cultured recreation options to the patios, terraces and rooms. If you are passing through Matanzas this is undoubtedly, one of the places you should not miss the opportunity to visit, from Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 16:30. B. Junco More events on:
Lolo Art Gallery at Matanzas City-2
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Art According Lolo

Almost always, when we attend an art gallery, if we are careful and pay the necessary level of attention, we can get to talk to the author. We can get to dialogue with the artist through his work. If we put all our senses on it, we will set a conversation with those who feed with their works the soul of these places. The spontaneous conjunction between imagination and talent makes the gallery and workshop owned by the plastic artist, Osmany Betancourt, popularly known as Lolo, from Matanzas, a perfect place for setting a dialogue between different artistic proposals. Osmany plays with his hands what imagination draws on his mind. Human heads, vases and more dissimilar shapes and forms of the Cuban idiosincrasy are exposed in this gallery space, giving visitors the opportunity to dive into the inner world of Lolo. If you like contemporary art, Lolo's Workshop and gallery is a very good option. Stop and stare closely at each work. And enjoy. ©Luis Autié Cantón More events on:
Art Gallery at 60 Street, Varadero-3
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Varadero Art Gallery

Varadero Art Gallery, member of the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales, exhibits and sells unique pieces made by Cuban artists from around the country. In its three rooms visitors can find jewelry, small sculptures, engravings, watercolors and oil paintings that have been made by artists such as Nelson Dominguez, Ernesto García Peña, Alberto Lescay, Gilberto Frómeta, among many others. The funds on exhibition are constantly renewed and each item which is of patrimonial importance is tagged with export permission. More events on:
Provincial Museum of Art, Matanzas
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Provincial Museum of Art

The Art Museum in Matanzas is dedicated to the most diverse cultural manifestations with many samples of unique quality. The museum has a room in which we can find paintings and engravings from Matanzas, corresponding to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as pieces of universal art from France, England and Holland. The other two permanent exhibition rooms recreate typical wealthy familiy dining and living rooms during the Republican era through furniture, porcelain, glass, metals, ivory, European ceramics, watches... But without doubt one of the great merits of this institution is to cherish one of the most complete collections of African art in the country with around 340 pieces from 80 ethnic groups from 14 countries in Africa, with a variety of sculptures, liturgical drums, masks, seats, chests and tissues. The museum also has a temporary room where the work of Cuban and universal artists is promoted and a sculpture courtyard which is used to many cultural activities. More events on:
William Perez and Marlys Fuego in studio Alcazar-7
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Alcázar Studio. A Space for Cuban Art

The Alcázar Studio, located on the corner of Reina and Manrique streets, is an alternative art space where we can perceive the works of artists William Perez and Marlys Fuego. Both, founders of the site in 2010, have implemented an own environment that maintains the spirit of the workshop, qualified by the story of an old building (originally pharmacy) of Centro Habana. The pieces that you can appreciate there generally coincide with the latest production of these artists; but you can also see specific works of other stages of its creation. William Perez is an excellent sculptor and drawer artist who has designed a line of work where scratched, flamed and illuminated acrylics are essential elements in his work. Meanwhile, Marlys Fuego manages to capture the space with a young, attractive and irreverent visuality. She deploys her experience in painting and other art forms to thereby create, while revealing the complex universe of sexuality, eroticism and notions of gender. The proposals of both show the rich and diverse scenery that characterizes the current Cuban art. If you want to visit the studio you must make an appointment in advance using the contact information Reina #219 and Manrique. Centro Habana, La Habana. ©Loliett M. Delachaux & Rigoberto Otaño More events on:
Ceramic items Gallery at 60 Street, Varadero-2
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Ceramic Sales and Exhibitions

If you are in Varadero and looking for nice ceramics, the Ceramic Gallery is the indicated place to visit. All kind of jars, vases, plates, tea pots and other adornments may be found here, all of them with beautiful designs and different colors. A venue to list in your agenda if you want to buy classy souvenirs for your family and friends, instead of the common ones you may find at the craft fairs. More events on:
La Coincidencia Country House at Matanzas Province-3
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Finca La Coincidencia

La Coincidencia country farm is located in an area whose inhabitants called Guasimal del Toro. In there, we have one of the most important cultural projects in the country, which was initiated in the nineties by the family of craftsmen Correa. In this sort of school-workshop-gallery- agricultural farm coexist pictorial and ceramic pieces with hundreds of timber and fruit trees, bamboo and varieties of maize, beans, bananas, medicinal plants, coffee, okra, beans, sweet potato, pumpkin... Since 2002 this place is the seat of the internationally renowned event Arte del Fuego and its Sculpture Garden is one of the biggest attractions for its harmony and beauty. Monthly, this agro-ecological and sustainable production farm is visited through Paradiso cultural tourism agency, for about 300 tourists from different countries, plus curious Cubans and foreigners. Do not lose the opportunity to be one of them. More events on:

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The tour was incredible -the most enjoyable thing I did in Havana. The artists you guys chose were so interesting and it was nice to see the broad spectrum of art in Cuba. I'm so happy I booked this, all the girls were so friendly and knowledgeable.

Taleen Setrakian

Jasmine curated one of the most incredible arts experiences we've had. Anyone who is a genuine art lover and interested in connecting with the source of these works should go on a tour. It is truly an elevated experience--5 stars all around!

Karla Braun

The tour was insightful and interesting. We had the rare experience to see works of art up close and personal, as well as the chance to discuss those works with the artists themselves. An experience I never would have had if it were not for this tour.

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