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Full Day Tour: Modern Masters

The Contemporary Master’s art tour takes participants on a tour of ground-breaking exhibitions and into the private world and life of internationally renowned contemporary Cuban artists.

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Full Day Tour: Old Masters

You will be accompanied by one of Cubartours art specialists. The tour will begin with a two-hour guided visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts and continue onto the studios and houses of famous living Old Master artists.

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Full Day Tour: Young Masters

Be sure not to miss out on a chance to truly submerge yourself into the young Cuban contemporary art scene. It won’t be long before these artists will be on sale in the big auction houses, acquaint yourself with them now!

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Full Day Tour: Art Through the Ages

Cuban Art Through the Ages takes participants through the past seven decades of Cuban art, visiting art collections housing Cuban art from the 19th century onwards, and artist studios.

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3 Days 3 Generations

Cubartour’s 3 Day- 3 Generations Tour covers the three contemporary stand out ages of Cuban art that are held at the heart of Cubartours, the generation of the 60s and 70s, 80s and 90s, and the millennials.

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Spring Art Week: May 7th- May 14th.

With CUBAISM LTD the trip provides participants with the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet artists and other figures in the Cuban art world. The professional tours include a host of special and exclusive events. Hotel accommodation is included.

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Half Day Beginners

This tour aims to introduce people to the Cuban art scene. It will consist of gallery tours and a visit to La Mina to see the works of established Cuban artists up close and personally.

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Absolute Art & Architecture

Art & Architecture are inextricably linked in Havana. During the walk through the oldest part of the city, you will discover the evolution of Old Havana and the distinct historical phases that it has lived through.

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Cubaism's 3 Days of Art, Sun and Sea

The three-day exclusive Cubaism art tour package is designed to take participants around Havana’s most illustrious art galleries and artist’s studios whilst including hotels and other Havana hotspots!

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Art Taster Tour in Old Havana

Taste the Cuban flavour through its colours and brushstrokes. With this two hour tour, you'll be able to understand the progression of Cuban art from colonial times to modern day.

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Art & Architecture on the road

In this tour you will discover how the evolution of Havana City occurred. Visiting its most interesting neighborhoods, you will be capable to understand the urban, architectural, political and social Cuban style.

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Friday teatime rooftop open Tour

The architecture of Havana is one of the fields that better show the variety of a city in which the confluence of diverse tendencies is experienced. It is not possible to know Havana by just following the route of its streets.

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University Art Tour

To visit Cuba as a student is to live an unforgettable moment in the most formative years of your life. Cuba’s culturally rich environment enthuses even the most wandering mind.

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Inside the Cuban Art Collections

A new reality is generating within the Island. A growing national collecting is rising and you can see it for yourself.

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"Noviembre Fotografico" in Havana

If you are interested in photography. Cubartours will guide you through the the Havana circuit. Do not miss the most significant elements of the local photographic scene.

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"The man with the broad smile and the sad look"

"The man with the broad smile and the sad look"

Wednesday April 01, 2020

A documentary about life and work of Eduardo Roca (Choco), will be presented on Saturday, August 18, at the center "Fresa y Chocolate" in Vedado.

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XIII Bienal of Havana

The Biennial of Havana is recognized among the most prestigious events in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the world.

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Palimpsesto is the personal exhibition of José Manuel Fors that the National Museum of Fine Arts has prepared to celebrate the creditor artist of the National Prize of the Plastic Arts, awarded each year by the CNAP.

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happy customers

The tour was incredible -the most enjoyable thing I did in Havana. The artists you guys chose were so interesting and it was nice to see the broad spectrum of art in Cuba. I'm so happy I booked this, all the girls were so friendly and knowledgeable.

Taleen Setrakian

Jasmine curated one of the most incredible arts experiences we've had. Anyone who is a genuine art lover and interested in connecting with the source of these works should go on a tour. It is truly an elevated experience--5 stars all around!

Karla Braun

The tour was insightful and interesting. We had the rare experience to see works of art up close and personal, as well as the chance to discuss those works with the artists themselves. An experience I never would have had if it were not for this tour.

Natasha Persun

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