Born in Havana, Cuba, Adrian Fernandez studied visual arts at the San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy(2004) and later at the Superior Institute of Arts(2010) in Havana. He trained at The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba and New York Univesity, Tisch School of the Arts from 2010 to 2012 in documentary photography and film making.

'The Work of Adrian Fernandez, focuses on the material universe linked to housing and decoration surrounding the life of contemporary man. For this it relies on everyday objects, which way to skin layer or define tastes, ideologies, class and social sector or the appearance of them. It establishes a relationship that allows access to the personal space of the individual who owns and lives, thus beginning a dialogue on inherited or similar cultural patterns that modulate the identity of human beings in a particular social context. Through various photographic series: Lifestyle, portraits, be or seem, aesthetics possibility vacuum brings together different areas and key elements for understanding social dynamics and aesthetics that govern the social sector of the "class rich "in contemporary Cuba. This study consists of the facades of houses, interiors and some decorative objects that exist in the domestic space and have been studied separately in the photographic process.

In his own words: "Nothing would we be without attributes, or as much, something unrecognizable. Things are, above its original functional character, symbolic attributes that express an identity, what differentiates them from one another, which legitimizes its being, status and demonstrates its power. "

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