Alex Hernández is a  young artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro and the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) in Havana. His work developed from a close visual language advertising aesthetics. From this premise, the artist works on economic as determinant aspiration in different social processes, including migration. The connotations in relation to this discourse are evident in the objects or situations related to luxury, well-being and a high standard of living relative to the idyllic landscape that is exhibited in his paintings.

I conceive art from a conceptual perspective. My work moves fluidly between different media such as painting, sculpture and video. In recent years I have been involved in an exploration of the universe of aesthetic preferences and lifestyle of the contemporary subject. Operating as a collector of images and created series studying the elements of their lifestyle. I appeal to certain concepts constructed within the framework of the culture that expose their traits and behaviors. Concepts such as comfort, status, luxury and comfort are parameters which are connected with certain cultural patterns are the result of the way society is structured. My work is a commentary on the complex processes shaping identity through material culture.

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Incomplete Record

Incomplete Record, part of the pretension to explore the terrain of contemporary visual arts, especially those that have a formal, discursive or instrumental relationship with the tradition of sculpture.

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The silence of Duchamp

Factoría Habana Gallery invites you to the opening of the exhibition: The silence of Duchamp, on Friday 30 September at 8:00 pm.

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