Duvier del Dago is one of the youngest artists must well known inside and outside Cuba. This talented young man, born in Villa Clara and been a student had the opportunity to participate in the Havana Biennial held in 2000. In 1995 emerged from the Professional School of Plastic Arts of Trinidad, where he studied painting, and in 2001, he finished his studies at the Faculty Of Arts of the Superior Institute of Art in Havana where he received the teachings of René Francisco Rodríguez.

Before entering to the artistic education Duvier del Dago already had become familiar with the technique of the drawing, thanks to which he wan many prizes. Already in the ISA he integrated projects like DUPP Gallery, led by René Francisco himself. Similarly, with another artist, Omar Moreno outside.

To create new products and ideas has always been for Duvier a premise in his work. That´s why we find in his art three dimensional pieces made on semitransparent nylon and models. However, the installation is for Duvier the preferred medium to present its proposals. Large threads arranged in space and woven in situ represent different figures.

Between the prizes and recognitions that del Dago has are: Residence of Pavillon, Palais of Tokyo, Paris, Franciab (2006/07). Third Prize at the Sixth Digital Art Hall of the Pablo de la Torriente Brau Center, Havana, Cuba (2004) and the Batiscafo Residence, Gasworks / Triangle Art Trust, London, England. On the other hand, between his exhibitions are: The story is of whom the account II. Gallery Artis 718. Cuba (2016), Making of. Gallery Villa Manuela, Cuba (2014), Quantum State. TUB Gallery. Miami, United States (2014), Intelligence Defense and security. Odile Ouizeman Gallery. Paris, France (2011).


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Spring Art Week: May 7th- May 14th.

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