Ernesto García Sánchez, born in Havana in 1989, studied at the San Alejandro Academia de Bellas Artes going on to study and graduate from the Instituto Superior de Arte in 2015. The son of artist Ernesto García Peña, his work is signed off as ERNE so as not to confuse viewers. Aside from that, his style is in complete contrast to that of his father. Where García Peña’s work is largely figurative and erotic, García Sanchez’s oeuvre has been deeply influenced by the abstract expressionists, the artist citing Rothko as one of his foremost idols.  

ERNE’s work has developed from an exploration of space and colour to an investigation of the painterly process, the level of conscious control an artist has over the final product of their work, and most impressively an investigation into the creation of new mediums, and the utilisation of those objects to successfully probe all the above. His materials take the shape of tube like objects punctured with various holes to hold brushes and pencils. The artist’s work takes on a performative angle; through the process of controlling his drawing and painting using one side of his device, he is allowing the other side to move freely, reflecting the subconscious act of painting. The results are aesthetically beautiful and theoretically fascinating. The artist has recently moved to working on veneer, allowing the natural lines of wood to condition the movement of his home-made devices.

ERNE has exhibited across the US, Latin America and Europe. His pieces can be found in private collections world-wide. His objects, whilst pleasing to the eye, hold a deep theoretical and philosophical discourse. A trip to his studio will unveil the madness and order that has been used to create such delicately assembled pieces. 

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Spring Art Week: May 7th- May 14th.

Spring Art Week: May 7th- May 14th.

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