Born in Holguín, Cuba in 1973, Vincench is currently a practising artist in Havana, Cuba. Although a teacher at the Instituto Superior de Artes (ISA) in Havana, due to issues with censorship of his work by the Cuban government, Vincench no longer publicly exhibits in Havana.

Vincench’s work is frequently displayed in Miami, as it speaks most clearly and intimately to Miami's Cuban community and their solitude in exile. Vincent is familiar with the cultural censorship that is still in effect on the island to this day. ‘From that very moment I realised that it would be impossible to have a discussion as a predisposition existed and that it would not tolerate reflections of sensitive topics about the real Cuba and with this aggression they censored by show and from this point I only work and exhibit in my studio in response to the lack of free space.' 

Vincench's work refers to the artist as an exile in his own homeland where controversial work is not openly accepted in society. Now working and exhibiting solely in his studio, he may experience the sensation of being exiled within his own community and thus may also be echoing the sentiment of exile on behalf of other artists in similar positions in Cuba. Vincench highlights ideas of immigration in his work, a theme not only pertinent to Cuba and political exiles but also to the waves of immigration felt in other cities around the world.

Curator and art critic Janet Batet noted that “With a highly rigorous conceptual proposal, Vincench bases his work in art history, specifically the Cuban tradition of abstract art, deconstructing the Cuban reality and encouraging a critical reading. Relying, as central subject, in the social and religious entity that embodies the Cuban, the artist undertakes research areas, typical of sociology, integrating popular beliefs, personal life experiences and current sociopolitical events of recent history of the island.”

Vincench has held one-person exhibitions in Canada, Ecuador, the Republic of Cameroon, Switzerland, and leading galleries in Cuba, along with participating in five dozen group shows in leading galleries in North and South America and Europe. His works can be found in many private collections around the world.

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Spring Art Week: May 7th- May 14th.

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