Pedro de Oraá at Collage Habana Gallery

Pedro de Oraá at Collage Habana Gallery

The exhibition Divertimentos by the painter Pedro de Oraá is the current proposal of the Collage Habana Gallery. It constitutes a celebration and an opportunity to honor a prodigal and multifaceted artist, who has just arrived at his 86th anniversary of life.

The professional performance of Pedro de Oraá has been characterized by the plurality of disciplines. In the panorama of national culture, he also figures as a critic of the visual arts, writer, designer, translator and promoter. Among his work highlights his performance as artistic director of the magazine UNION. Pedro de Oraá has, among other merits, the Distinction for National Culture (1995), the National Book Design Prize (2011) and the National Prize for Plastic Arts (2015).

The exhibition brings together twenty-four canvases made between 2012 and 2017, thus offering the possibility of approaching the current pictorial production of the creator.

Galería Collage Habana

San Rafael No. 103 e/ Consulado e Industria, Centro Habana, La Habana.

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