Cubartours will guide and navigate participants through the thriving Cuban contemporary art scene, proving to be an exhilarating, accurate and accessible guide for first timers and enthusiasts alike.

The Art Tours, grounded in the artistic, political, social and historical context of the Island, will set the scene for the trip through a series of talks, studio tours and gallery tours, introducing a framework in which Cuban contemporary art has flourished. The trip provides participants with the exclusive opportunity to meet and greet artists and other influential figures in the Cuban art realm. Giving attendees the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant Cuban culture, Cubartours invites you to explore the kaleidoscopic art scene.

The Art Tour provides a rare and perfectly curated opportunity to experience the pulsating life of Cuban art and artists, immersing oneself into the surroundings in which contemporary Cuban art was born.

With the gradual re-establishment of US- Cuban diplomatic relations, (soon to be followed by economic relations), Cubartours is offering US citizens the opportunity to travel to Cuba to explore the countries rich and as-of-yet preserved culture. The art programme, falling into many of the US pre-authorised licensed travel sections, organises cultural and professional exchanges on the highest level.


Itineraries include:

Professional talks on Cuban art from leading Art History professors of the University of Havana.

One to one meetings and discussions with affluent and established Cuban artists.

An insight into the young and upcoming contemporary art scene.

Visits to landmark art exhibitions in Havana, a chance to individually experience the curatorial and artistic wealth of the city.

Trips to the most prestigious art schools in Cuba.

Constant interaction with the Cuban public and street life.

Providing easy access to an otherwise hard to reach country, Cubartours will leave participants feeling more knowledgeable, enlightened and in touch with their neighbouring island.

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