Galleria Continua established Arte CONTINUA Habana in Aguila de Oro, a cinema theater from the ‘50s at the heart of Havana’s Chinatown. During the XII° Havana Biennial (May 2015), the theater served as the space for Galleria Continua to present 'Perimetro', a site-specific artwork by Daniel Buren. Its first exhibition, 'Anclados en el Territorio', opened on November 27, 2015. In 'Anclados en el Territorio', six Cuban artists, Alejandro Campins, Elizabet Cerviño, Carlos Garaicoa, Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo, Reynier Leyva Novo and José Yaque seized the surroundings of Aguila de Oro. They researched and intervened upon the history and architecture of the cinema theater, Havana’s Chinatown and Cuba.