Doña Eutimia, located in the heart of Old Havana, has stolen the hearts of many who have walked through its doors. Considered an establishment of the city, Doña Eutimia was been ranked one of the top ten restaurants in Havana by many well-known news outlets and travel guides. Unlike many of the other popular Havana restaurants, Doña Eutimia keep their food traditional and homey. Run by the loving and highly respected Leticia Abad, the restaurant has been open since 2012 and consists of only 40 seats. The restaurant is dedicated to Doña Eutimia, a woman who once lived across the square from the establishment. Eutimia frequently cooked for artists from the Taller Experimental de Grafica such as Fabelo, Choco and Nelson Domíguez. Leticia’s husband Héctor Martínez Calá was amongst the array of artists who frequented Doña Eutimia’s kitchen. In an attempt to capture her essence, Leticia opened a restaurant that would preserve the warmth, sincerity and simplicity that permeated Doña Eutimia and her food. 

  • Doña Eutimia

  • Callejón del Chorro No.60 C, Plaza de la Catedral Habana Vieja
  • +53 7 8611332
  • 12m-10pm