The studio of Carlos Guzman is located at the House of Artists, on the heights of Restaurante La Mina, Havana Vieja. Carlos Guzman has the versatility of these young generations of artists, from the largest island of the Antilles, design own worlds and bring us together "as one enters a strange and seductively flower garden" as seen historian of the city of La Havana, Eusebio Leal Spengler. His plastic, meteoric and lively, imaginative work runs the construction of universes that often narrate the resources of surprise and dreams, recreating myths and making new ones.

From: "A plastic narrative." By: Manuel Orestes Nieto.

  • Studio Carlos Guzmán

  • Oficios Street, No 6, esq Obispo, top floor. Old Havana. Cuba
  • +53 7 8707415/ +53 5 2686859