José Manuel Mesias graduated in 2009 from the San Alejandro Academy, specializing in sculpture. But painting, assembled objects and video art are some of the lines of work that identify José Manuel. But the mambisa theme, derive the most solid pieces in the work of the young artist. In the words of Laura Daranas: The mambisa subject is rare in contemporary Cuban art, although it has a tradition dating back at least to Armando Garcia-Menocal, referring to Jose Manuel he takes into account. So far, this new direction has allowed him to gather (in favor of) all the facets that had manifested in his art above: expressionism, realism, some kind of "dream painting" and his passion for the objects.


  • Studio José Manuel Mesías

  • O'Reilly Street no. 468, corner Villegas, apt. 3 Old Havana, Cuba.
  • +5352943578