Karlos Perez is a young painter graduated from the Professional Academy of Arts Vicentina de la Torre in Camagüey in 2008. Graduated also the Higher Institute of Art (ISA). In his young career he has captured with his paintings the existential universe of his characters, introspective recreating environments.
In the words of critic Antonio Correa Iglesias: In Karlos, abstract expressionism blends the order, which results in challenging the position in the field of a secularized concept of portraiture. This is where the power of images acquired an existential character. They are not "portraits" in the traditional sense, but rather the experience of the image and captivates That Makes Karlos Pérez into an experienced craftsman. The existential is only self-explanatory from the picture "represented", hence the character of the agonic and dreary opportunities in his proposals.

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  • Studio 01: #1461B 23rd street between 22nd and 24th Havana, Cuba
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