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Allow Cuba’s art scene to come alive before your very eyes with Cubartours' Contemporary Master’s art tour. Cubartours is offering a series of stimulating, informative and specially organised art tours

The Art Tour, focusing on affluent contemporary Cuban artists, takes participants on a tour of ground-breaking exhibitions and into the private world and life of internationally renowned Cuban artists.  

The tour will begin with a visit to one of Cuba’s exciting and cutting edge galleries, the gallery of choice will be very much dependent on what is on show at the moment of the trip. This will then be followed up by a guided visit of one of the most artistically wealthy studios on the whole island, La Mina. La Mina consists of artists Roberto Fabelo, Ernesto Rancaño, Zaida del Rio, Angel Ramirez and Carlos Guzmán.

After a short stop for lunch at O'Reilly 304, attendants will get the chance to visit Studio 66 where they will encounter a plethora of works by artists old and young. Visitors will be attended to by Sandra Contreras who has worked in the Cuban art scene for over 10 years.

This tour provides a rare and perfectly organised opportunity for attendants to experience one of the world’s most exciting art scenes. It gives clients the chance to become intimately acquainted with Cuba’s best artists-- in the environment that has so inspired them.

* On this open tour you will have the opportunity to meet new people and share your ideas  with them. You will experience the city from the perspective of a local. In this cultural tour, the tour leader selected will show a deep knowledge of the subject and offers you useful advices if you really want to live the local culture.
If you prefer a private and customized route, adapted to your way of traveling, take a look at our routes to have them as a reference, and tell us what you want. We will adapt everything to your taste and measure.



Food and Drink

Paladar Los Mercaderes

This private restaurant in a historic building has to be one of Cuba's most refined paladares for ambience, service and food, both Cuban and international.

Paladar Los Mercaderes

This private restaurant in a historic building has to be one of Cuba's most refined paladares for ambience, service and food, both Cuban and international.

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happy customers

The tour was incredible -the most enjoyable thing I did in Havana. The artists you guys chose were so interesting and it was nice to see the broad spectrum of art in Cuba. I'm so happy I booked this, all the girls were so friendly and knowledgeable.

Taleen Setrakian

Jasmine curated one of the most incredible arts experiences we've had. Anyone who is a genuine art lover and interested in connecting with the source of these works should go on a tour. It is truly an elevated experience--5 stars all around!

Karla Braun

The tour was insightful and interesting. We had the rare experience to see works of art up close and personal, as well as the chance to discuss those works with the artists themselves. An experience I never would have had if it were not for this tour.

Natasha Persun

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