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November is the month for visiting   Havana if you are interested in photography. Cubartours will guide you through the main centers within the Havana circuit so you do not miss the most significant elements of the local photographic scene.
Havana opens to all those interested in photography, almost at the end of the year. Photographic November is the biggest event that takes place in Cuba related to this art expression. Cubartours invites you to a tour of the main exhibition areas in which this expression is displayed. It also favors the contact with the most recognized photographers and specialists in the field.
The event is a significant experience in the development and promotion of the values ​​of photographic art. It is projected in different exhibitions located in galleries and cultural centers of the country although its main focus is the Fototeca de Cuba. The program includes a symposium where conferences, workshops and projects, in which you can participate if you wish, are presented. The event, recognized in the Cuban art scene, has more than a decade and great prestige.

The work of both Cuban and foreign lens artist is yearly appreciated by the spectators in various exhibitions, both personal and collective. This event has been taking place for almost ten years, which encourages the exchange with the public, photographers and the art expression.
In the same way, you will be guided around the galleries and studios of nearby artists. This will widen your vision of Cuban art, towards other expressions and exponents of the artistic creation on the island. Among the payroll of artists are: Alfredo Sarabia Fajardo, Eddy Garaicoa Manso, Jose A Figueroa, Constantino Arias, Arnaldo Labrada, Daniel Chavez, Eduardo Munoz, René Peña, Raul Cañibano P, Edro Abascal, Cirenaica Moreira.

The tour includes the entrance to the art places and the transportation between them.


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happy customers

The tour was incredible -the most enjoyable thing I did in Havana. The artists you guys chose were so interesting and it was nice to see the broad spectrum of art in Cuba. I'm so happy I booked this, all the girls were so friendly and knowledgeable.

Taleen Setrakian

Jasmine curated one of the most incredible arts experiences we've had. Anyone who is a genuine art lover and interested in connecting with the source of these works should go on a tour. It is truly an elevated experience--5 stars all around!

Karla Braun

The tour was insightful and interesting. We had the rare experience to see works of art up close and personal, as well as the chance to discuss those works with the artists themselves. An experience I never would have had if it were not for this tour.

Natasha Persun